Alma is a female Brionne in Pokemon kingdom: the series. She is the sister of makayla.


Alma is a light blue pinniped pokemon with three ruffle-like growth around her body. the first ruffle is just under her front flippers, while the last is shortly, before the tail. The ruffles alternate white and pale blue. her long ears are made up of three segments that lighten and increase in size towards the tip, a spherical pink nose and large dark eyes with pinkish pupils. Her front flippers are much longer than her tail flippers, although both have white tips. There are three digits on the front flippers.


Alma is a clam pokemon who tends to keep the peace. She is just and reasonable, and for this reason she is often enlisted to settle disputes.She enjoys playing with children and telling them stories that were taught to her by her own mother. Though she may not fully understand somethings at times, but she is trusted by her family. Alma believes in helping , understanding and supporting each other through thick and tin. She is loyal to her friends and family and well always come to their aid if they need her to.


Early Life

coming soon

Pokemon kingdom: the series


  • Father: Unnamed



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