Bundi is a male dartrix in Pokemon kingdom: the series.


Most of bundi plumage is white, but he has a dark brown head covering hiss head, shoulders, and back. His heart- shaped facal disc is is also white and he haslarge eyes with dark irises that are usually appear closed, a stubby beak that has a white upper jaw and orange - brown lower jaw, and two short tufts of feathers on the back of head. Two green leaves curve around his face, resembling an asymmetric cut; the leaf on his right is longer than the one on the left. Under his chin are two smaller leaves that resemble a Bowtie, and there are two pointed ones on his rear that form a tail. His wings have two tan spots on the upperside and leafy plumage close to the body on the underside within the leaves under his wings are two orange brown objects similar to seeds. Bundi has orange brown talons with two toes facing forward and one facing backwards


Bundi is a shy and quiet pokémon. He barely talked to anyone,especially Maggie often finding himself blushing whenever he was by her or when she spoke to him. He hate getting his feathers dirty. He also level headed, brave and smart.


Early Life

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Pokemon kingdom: The series




  • Bundi means 'owl' in Swahili

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