Unexpected visitors is the second episode of pokemon kingdom: the series.


Lili was trying to get back home then she met an unexpected new friend. What would become of Lili?


Lili was walking through the forest to find her way back to her kingdom (which is her home) when she heard a loud noise."What was that?" Lili thought, as she kept waking to the direction where she heard the loud nose. As she was walking, the noise is getting louder and louder but she was was trying to be brave.

Then she heard someone laughing thats when she stared to get terrified."I have to get out of this strange world" She thought, then she started to run fast as she could, till she couldn't run anymore. when she unexpectedly fell from the edge of a cliff."Ahh"Lili screamed, as she fell into the water,lili thought she was about to die ( mainly because she can't swim well). The only thing lili saw was a shadow before she fainted.

2 Hours later, lili woke up, "Huh? where am i?" She asked herself. Then she looked at herself and saw she was all patched up and a warm blanket covering her. lili stared to hear foot steps and she got up and got in a fighting stance. She saw a girl and her pokemon partner(which was a female shiny zorua) came in and smiled " Hey how are you? are you feeling any better?" the trainer asked.

Without a warning, Lili stared to growl" Who are you? What do you what from me?!"

More coming soon

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