Kai is a Solgaleo and a member of the protectors.


Kai has a blunt muzzle with a blue-gray nose and pale blue eyes. The top half of its face is a deep blue area that shows a constantly changing starscape. Four yellow spikes frame kai's head like a crown and two more pairs of spikes adorn either side of its lower jaw, and each spike separates large tufts of kai's mane. Solid ridges—red nearest kai's head and yellow farther away—poke out of each tuft along the middle, except on the tufts on its cheeks and chin, with the topmost part wrapping around the tip of the tuft. Overall, its mane creates the impression of a stylized sun. Around each leg is a dark orange band, and there is a black spot on each foot. It has three black toes on each foot with long yellow claws. At the tip of its tail is a large black spot with a thin yellow rim.


Kai is seen as a wise and patient pokemon. She cares for every member of the protectors.


Coming soon


  • In Chinese, the name Kai most often translates to "victory" (凯), or "open" (开).

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