Leiko is a female Salazzle in pokemon kingdom:The series. She is the mate, Wyatt.


Leiko is a dark grey Pokemon resembling salamanders and lizards. She has a thin dark grey body with a purple underside. She head is dark grey with purple eyes and slit pupils. There are several tooth-like protusions on the lower jaw. Leiko's body has three pink markings, one on the chest, which splits to form a 'U' shaped design, and the other two on the abdomen, forming two 'f'-shaped patterns. Leiko has a long, dark grey tail with a pink underside and two protrusions come out form the tail's base. She has hands and feet with five digits each. These digits are long and thin.


An arrogant and boastful pokemon, She is a thief, and often brags about it. She has deluded herself into believing that she can always find a way out of a bad situation, and as a result of this she shows no fear in the face of danger. she is openly rude and insulting towards any pokemon she meets, and her vicious words rarely fails to leave a mark. She likes to damage the self-esteem of others, and hates it when he does not receive a reaction.She rarely backs down, and is known to treat the whole world as her enemy, with the exception of her mate, Wyatt. However, she has learned a few tricks that help her get what she needs, in spite of her frequent bragging, she would never share them would anyone.


  • Her name means ''arrogant" in Japanese

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