Liam is a Silvally and de facto leader of the royal guards.


Type: Null

Liam's body is mostly black. The lower haft of each front leg is insectoid, green with spikes on the outer edges and two claws pointing forward and one backward. His rear legs have purple scales three on the outside of upper legs,two on the front of the lower legs, and one on top of the foot- and three toes paws with a claw protruding from the back of the foot. He also has a fish -like tail, blue on the outside, gray on the inside, and lined on top with short spikes. He has a mane of gray hair that hangs in strips to cover most of his chest and back. Liam's head is enclosed in a wooden contraption with green markings. The contraption has a large wooden jaw piece that wraps around the front with large,round hinges on the side, two pointed wooden ears on top with four protruding vanes that are tipped in a three way spike. The jaw hinges have a green cross on them, the collar shows a line of green between the vanes, and each bane has a green hexagon near the end. On top of his head, Liam's hair also takes the shape of a large hatchet with the blade pointing backwards, with a wooden band securing it around the middle. A narrow steel edge seems to protrude from the front of the hair.


Liam's chimeric body is nearly identical to that of his pre-evolution; however, the fur from his head turns from gray to silver, and the membrane and spikes on his fish-like tailfin turn white. Without his control mask, his mechanical, lupine head is revealed. His snout is metallic on his nose bridge and upper jaw, both of which lead to a triangular black nose framed by three red lines. His upper jaw ends in a sharply pointed overbite, while his lower jaw has two visible fangs, one on each side. His eyes have white sclerae, bright silver irises, and no pupils. These eyes are mostly surrounded by black coloration, framed along the bottom by his upper jaw. On each side of his head is a circular, metallic port, with a white circle crossed by a metal line. The back of the crest on his head opens up, and three long spikes jut out of it. His two ears, one on each side of his crest, are short and pointed, with black and red sections on their insides.


Liam is a serious, even-tempered Pokemon who is very loyal to the citizens of the Pokemon kingdom. He rarely gives his opinion on a matter, remaining silent and concealing his thoughts, unless he is asked directly. he greatly respects princess lili and holds her in highest regard. Though he is a solid, reliable member of the royal guard, however, he seldom socializes with his fellow royal guard, and is very strict, frequently stressing discipline. He secretly has a soft spot for Lili, but he is too shy to tell her.


Early Life

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Pokemon kingdom: The series

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Friends and Allies

Princess Lili

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