Loki is a male lycanroc and the younger brother of Primo,the older brother of Hazel and a member of the protectors


Loki's body is primarily covered in short red fur, with a white streak running up his underside and continuing up his neck to include most of his muzzle. He has a tuft of white fur on his chest, and a short, bushy, white tail. His lower legs are white, forming a zigzag border with the red fur, and each foot is tipped with three black claws. Loki's arms are long and thin, with the top side of the lower arms turning white, and each hand is large, white, and has three black claws. A large mane of white fur runs in a line up his back and curls over his head, with a large spike of black rock protruding over his face. Red tufts of fur make his head seem wider, and a strip of red fur runs between his eyes, which glow red. Loki's ears bend forward and are tipped in black, resembling horns. His mouth is lined with many sharp teeth.


Loki is a headstrong lycanroc with non-stop energy.He is also a huge prankster and loves to prank people and Pokemon, and is quite often the one to get in to the most trouble.He is very loyal to his friends and family, and can always be counted on.


Early Life 

Coming soon


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