Melissa(also known as warrior Melissa) is a female Lycanroc(Midday form). She's Benjamin's girlfriend. She princess ava15's her actual name.

Physical Appearance

Melissa has a body covered mostly in brown fur. her lower legs are white, and each foot ends in three black claws. She has a long, bushy, white tail, as well as a white mane around his neck, protruding from which are four spikes of black rock around his neck. She face is mostly framed in brown fur, with tufts of fur sticking out from his cheeks making his head appear wider and a brown stripe running between his eyes.She has a scar that goes across her snout. Melissa have pointy ears stand on top of his head, tipped in black and with pink insides. His muzzle and his face around his eyes are white. He has blue eyes, a scar on her left eye, a black nose at the tip of his pointy snout, and four sharp fangs can be seen when he opens his mouth. She carries a sword on the right side of her body.


She is a sweet lycanroc, but a little bit of a tomboy.She can be a bit hyper active at times and very playful, but can be serious when she needs to be. She is a strong-willed pokemon who isn't against speaking her mind she is protective of her family and friends.Melissa is also very Hardworking and Confident and she is always willing to give a paw. 


  • Melissa has arachnophobia, or a fear of spiders.


  • Melissa means "bee" in Greek. 
  • Her named is Pronounced MULL-iss-uh 
  • Melissa is princess ava15's pokesona.
  • She's taken by Benjamin
  • Melissa and her boyfriend, benjamin will gust star in pokemon kingdom episode.

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