Olivia is a young vulpix, adopted daughter of kibibi and Chane. She is the sister of Kipenzi, Adia, and Zawadi and a member of vashti's pack. She will make her debut in the upcoming episode,The lost pokémon of metsade island, where the Royal Guards will escort her home to the Metsade Island.


Olivia is a soft spoken and is very shy when you first meet her but she warms up to you. She seems to be scared by loud things and is a bit of a coward when it comes to fighting. She is extremely sensitive and will cry about the simplest things.


Olivia has red brown pelt,brown pupils less eyes, large pointed ears with dark brown insides.She always has some type of Lily tucked behind her ear.She has dark freckles, and six orange tails with curled tips.


Early Life

Coming Soon



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