Pokémon Kingdom (also known as pokéville or pocket monster village) is a kingdom where pokémon from all different regions live.Just like pocketville time is different from the real world and the pokémon kingdom.


The Pokemon Kingdom operates as a monarchy in which the sovereign's will is law. Regarding the order of succession, the Pokemon kingdoms monarchy appears to favor an absolute primogeniture in which the eldest child of the current ruler will inherit regardless of gender. The king or queen can hand-choose who they want to succeed them. 

Kingdom Laws

  • The word of the king/ or queen cannot be contested.
  • If the heir is not yet grown up when the former ruler dies, the citizens are to elect a temporary leader.
  • Treat all citizens with respect.
  • Let no one steal what belongs to the ruler of the kingdom.


It is unknown who put this law into place many generations ago, but according to Liam, a king or queen's marriage is contracted during the king or queen's childhood.

Physical Features

The Pokemon Kingdom is a very fertile place and is diverse in the way of fauna. Its exact size is unknown but one could say it is quite large. The Pokemon kingdom is also very well watered.



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