Pokemon kingdom: The series(also known as Adventures in the pokemon kingdom) is a written series by Princess ava15. It is a spin-off to the Puppy In My Pocket: Adventures in Pocketville series.

Note: If you want your character to be in a episode, ask princess ava15 on the Message Wall first.


When an evil citizen of the Pokemon kingdom named, Tifu decided she couldn't stand Lili's innocent little face anymore. She sends princess Lili to the real world and broke the sun of friendship into equal fourths. So a pure heart Pokemon trainer named, Abbey and her Pokemon partner named Tai must put the sun of friendship back to together to get the princess back before the kingdom is thrown into darkness and gloom.



Idea Corner

Post your episode ideas here, and I may accept them and have them put on the show!


  • No cursing of any kind.
  • No editing episodes that have been created by another user without permission.
  • Don't add episodes that are Non pokémon kingdom:The series related.


These are the workers for the show. If you want to sign-up, consent with princess ava15.You are not given permission to create an episode or edit the page until notified that you were accepted.


The following is a list of episodes from Pokémon kingdom:The series

Season 1 

There will be 24 episodes in season one.

  1. Upsetting the balance of the pokemon kingdom
  2. Finding the way home
  3. The lost pokémon of metsade island


  • Pokémon kingdom:The movie


Video Games

There have yet to be any video games released so far


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