The Pokemon Kingdom: The series Wiki is an encyclopedia for everything created by Princess ava15, for all her characters, for her fan series and anything Pokemon-related. 

About Pokemon kingdom

The Pokemon kingdom: The series Wiki was created by princess ava15. This wiki comprises information on everything about the Pokemon kingdom series. Please do not post any incorrect information on this Wikia. If you add your own character that is not in the FanFiction, it will resort to a block.



  • Pokémon and all characters, content, ideas, etc. belong to Nintendo and Satoshi Tajiri.
  • OC's belong to princess ava15


  1. Treat other users the way you would want to be treated and help make this Wiki look nice!
  2. Disrespecting an Administrator in any way will be met with an instant ban.
  3. No spamming
  4. Do not cuss
  5. No cyber-bullying. This can hurt others feelings.
  6. All users must be at least 13 due to federal law, and Wikia policy any users that are proven under-aged will be reported to Wikia Staff, This includes Wiki Contributors (I.Ps).
  7. No mean comments
  8. No inappropriate content
  9. Many of the articles are locked down to prevent spamming. If you, as a user, want to add something, Just tell a mod and they will add it for you.
  10. Don't edit without permission.
  11. Be nice
  12. No trolling
  13. Do not make fan-fictions that has nothing to do with "Pokemon kingdom: the series" because, you will get blocked
  14. No sockpuppeting allowed
  15. Don't ask to be a chat mod or admin

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