Primo is Loki's and hazel's older brother and a member of Hunter's pack. He is leader of the protectors, a group tasked with protecting the Pokemon kingdom.


Primo has a body covered mostly in brown fur. his lower legs are white, and each foot ends in three black claws. He has a long, bushy, white tail, as well as a white mane around his neck, protruding from which are four spikes of black rock around his neck. His face is mostly framed in brown fur, with tufts of fur sticking out from his cheeks making his head appear wider and a brown stripe running between his eyes. Primo have pointy ears stand on top of his head, tipped in black and with pink insides. His muzzle and his face around his eyes are white. He has blue eyes, a black nose at the tip of his pointy snout, and four sharp fangs can be seen when he opens his mouth.


He is very gentle, Polite, and kind-hearted. He is very protective of his loved ones and the citizens of the kingdom and will risk his life to protect them.



Primo was born into the pack, his father being a lone Lycanroc that his mother fell in love with before joining the pack. She reared Primo, Loki and his little sister, Hazel, before dying because infected wound.

Pokemon kingdom: The series


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