Princess Lili is a fun-loving Ninetales and the ruler of the pokémon kingdom.She wears a heart shape gem called the sun of friendship around her neck that she uses to send pokémon to troubled children.



As a vulpix,Lili has red-brown pelt, brown, pupil-less eyes, large, pointed ears with dark brown insides, and six orange tails with curled tips. She also has curled locks of orange fur with bangs on top of her head. At birth, she has only one white tail, which apparently splits and grows more beautiful and warmer as she grows older. lili has a cream underbelly, and brown feet with lighter brown paw pads.


Llil is covered with a thick, luxurious golden-white fur. She has nine, long tails, each tipped with pale orange. There is a fluffy crest atop her head, and a small mane around her neck. Lili has gleaming red eyes and her ears are pointed, and she has long, slender legs with three-toed paws.



Lili may seem shy at first, but once she is acquainted with someone and accepts them as a friend, she shows her warmer side. She is very affectionate, always offering a shoulder to lean on or displaying her fondness for her family in one way or another. She can also be a little bit boastful and a showoff.


As an Ninetales, Llili's heart has expanded to include all her friends. She cares for each one of the citizens of the kingdom and would do anything to protect them. She has learned to be firm when she must.It is difficult for strangers to earn her trust.


Early Life

Coming Soon


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