The protecters of the Pokemon kingdom is a group dedicated to saving the Pokemon kingdom from danger.



The protectors of the Pokemon kingdom is a group tasked with the job of defending the Pokemon kingdom from danger, traditionally led by the First-born child of the former leader.


The Protecters of the pokemon kingdom have been around 1,000s of years, even before they had Primo for a leader, the first protecters were founded by a group of pokemon who were tired of the crime of pokemon going against each other. The Protecters of the pokemon kingdom's first leader and founder was the 3rd queen of the pokemon kingdom, she created the group, for when if the Royal Guards were not around, she could rely on the Pokemon Protectors, to protect her and the Citizens of pokemon kingdom. They even took part in the pokemon civil war.


Pokemon civil war

The royal guards and the protectors worked together to aid the queen in their time of need.

Current Members

  • Primo
  • Loki
  • Alex
  • Jason
  • Kai
  • Daniel
  • Crystal

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