Tifu is the main antagonist of Adventures in the Pokemon kingdom.


Tifu is a white and long bodied Pokémon with a small head and small, triangular ears. Her forehead has a purple spot adorning it as well as a yellow one on her snout. She possesses a pair of long, yellow tipped whiskers which have split ends. Her arms are almost completely covered by a large amount of fur that is tipped in purple and split at the end. Her torso has one purple ring of fur around her midsection. She also has purple fur on the bottom section of the torso, which resemble pants, and her bottom paws are clawed. She has a long, skinny tail that, like her paw fur, is tipped purple and split at its end. 


Tifu is self-centered, violent, arrogant, and short-tempered.she tries to kill princess lili multiple times by force of rocks and even other Pokemon to help her. She's also excellent at deciphering others' weaknesses.

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