Wyatt is a male salandit in pokemon kingdom:The series. He is the mate of Leiko.


Wyatt is a small, black,Pokemon with his body being dark gray with a black head and feet. Along his back and down his tail is an Orange-red line. This marking splits into short lines with round tips on his back. At the base of his neck are two short, flat spines, his eyes are light purple with tooth-like protrusions along his upper jaw.Each foot has four pointed toes.


A liar and a thief, Wyatt had earned himself quite the notorious reputation throughout the Pokemon kingdom. He is a greedy, caring only about himself, and paying no heed to the woes of others. In fact, he seldom has anything positive to say about other Pokemon, always focusing on their negative traits. However, despite the nasty feelings he has about many of the citizens, he conducts himself with a courteous, even charming, manner that does not usually fail to deceive strangers. A stealthy robber, he is good at what he does, not afraid to take risks and try his luck. He takes pride in the fact that he has yet to fail, but does not openly boast about it.


Early life

Coming soon

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