Zawadi is a female dryptotitan the daughter Kibibi and Chane and the adoptive sister of kipenzi, Olivia, Adia and a member of Vashti's Pack. She will make her debut in the upcoming episode,  The lost pokémon of metsade island, where the Royal Guards will escort her home to metsade island.


Zawadi  is slim well-built female dryptotitan. She has a head of a Arcanine and her body is also a Arcanine. Her ears are Eevee ears. For her wings, she has a Swellow wings. For her arms, she has a left Umbreon  arm and a right Sylveon arm. For her legs, she has a strong right Ponyta  leg that is used to kick others for self-defense (if ever needed) and left Mightyena leg. Zawadi has a long sterdy tail that ends with a fan-shaped tail feathers.She has light purple eyes. 


A little shy, until you get to know her. She cares very much for her family and is very protective of her sisters, Kipenzi, Olivia, Adia, and won't take kindly to anyone who makes fun of them. She is also she is very playful and cheerful.


Pokemon kingdom:the series

In the lost pokemon of metsade island


  • Mother: Kibibi
  • Father: Chane
  • Adopted sisters: Olivia, Adia, Kipenzi


  • Zawadi means "gift"

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